What is Tunin Android App? How to earn money from Tunein?


Friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you how you can earn money sitting at home without any investment. Nowadays, in this Corona period, almost everyone is looking for such an opportunity to increase the income of some money from somewhere.

But if there is no money to invest, then there is no need to worry. If you want to work hard then don’t miss this opportunity at all. 

So friends, today I am going to introduce you to such a digital platform which has been launched by Delhi Crime Press company of India based Delhi in the month of March this year. Whose name is Tunin Android App, which is a Social Networking Platform like Facebook and other Social Sites. 

Tunin App has brought an opportunity for all of us to earn money. It is going to spread not only in India but in the whole country. Through which you can create your social network all over the world and can make huge income, that too absolutely free, without investing any money. 

We will recommend this app to all those friends who want to make a good income by working from home without investing any money.

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You must also know that if you join a company in the beginning, you can make a huge income and if you join a company which is 5 years or 10 years old, then you cannot earn as much as a company. I join in starting. 

So without losing any time, download Tunin app from the link given below and earn money sitting at home using your free time properly.

What is Tunin Android App? What is Tunin App?

Tunin Android App is a social networking platform just like facebook. Here also you can create a community of friends from all over the world. Through Tunin App, you can stay connected with your friends, you can exchange your thoughts by talking to them through chat. This is not just a social platform, from here you can also earn money by creating a network of your friends. This app also provides Digital wallet service. About which I have explained below in details.

How to earn money from Tunin App? – Type of Earning in Tunin App

There are 5 main ways to earn money from Tunin Android App through which you can earn a lot of money. If you spend as much time here as you spend on other social platforms, then you can easily earn at least 10 to 15 thousand every month without investing any money. Earning on this is done in dollar, so it is obvious that your earning will be more in Indian Rupee.

You can also call Tunin App ‘s plan as Without Investment MLM Plan because no membership fee has to be paid to start it. 

Now let’s understand how to earn money from Tunin Android App ? Let us understand its 5 methods one by one.

How to earn money from Tunin (Tunein, Tuning) App? How to Earn Money from Tunin.

1. Refer and Earn – Share and earn money.

You can make huge income by referring Tunin App. If you are using any digital wallet, then you must know what is Refer and Earn system. 

Nowadays, all the wallet systems working in the market have refer and earn system, in that it is also given that how much money is given to you on each referral. 

In the same way, you can earn a lot of money by referring Tunin app as well. The most positive point of this app is that it is absolutely free. 

In this, the bigger your group or network you create, the more you will be able to earn, that too according to the dollar. 

That’s why you all are requested to use this application and in this Corona period, concentrate on building your network through Facebook and other social sites by working a little while sitting at home.

You can easily understand by looking at the chart given below how much money is received on each of its referrals.

how to make money from tuning app

2. Play Games and Earn Money – Play Games and earn money.

Nowadays, people of all ages are fond of playing games. Anyone who has an Android phone definitely has some or the other game in their mobile. Everyone plays games for fun in their spare time.

There are many gaming apps from which you can earn money along with entertainment if you want. But there are many such apps where you can only play games but cannot earn money, whatever company makes such apps, it is made only for its own benefit. 

Why don’t we use such an app from which you will earn money by playing the game, if by referring that app you create a network ie your group, then you will also get money from the people who play the game in your group. 

Tunin App is one such app from where you can earn money by playing games. In this app you can play many games like LUDO, SPIN & COLOR CHOICE. 

3. View Ads and Earn – View Ads and earn in Dollar.

With Tunin App , you can also earn money by watching Ads. Using your free time, watch ads from home and convert your valuable time into earning. In this, many advertisements like banner ads, video ads have been given, by watching which you can earn a lot.

To increase your earning, ask your community ie group member also to see Ads. 

How much you can earn by viewing how many advertisements, you can understand by looking at the image given below.

Tunin App view ads view earning program

4. Shop and Earn – Shop online and get cash back by referral.

Friends, you must know that how much online shopping is going on these days. In the era of this epidemic, many people are buying their essential things online keeping themselves safe. When we know that there is a danger of spreading the infection by going to a crowded place, then why don’t we take advantage of this opportunity and keep ourselves safe. 

Tunin App connects you to all the Top online shopping sites that you know very well like Amazon, Flipcart, Ajio, Mantra, etc. There are many sites from where you have been shopping before.

You still have to shop from the same sites but through Tunin App. In this you will save in the form of cash back on every purchase. Means the price of mangoes and kernels of mangoes. 

Moreover, if the people of the group created by you also do any shopping, then you will earn a lot from there too. 

You can understand how much income you will get from the purchase of your group by looking at the chart given below.

Tunin App shop and earn program

5. Create News Post and Earn  – Create News and post it and earn unlimited money.

Tunin App news post earning program

Just as you get money by posting videos on Youtube, similarly Tunin App gives money for posting news. But the earning will be more in this when your group will be very big. The bigger the network, the more earning. That’s why first of all pay attention to creating a bigger and bigger network.                                                                                             

If you create and post any news, then you earn from that too.

Like you create a news and post it and 50 thousand people see that post, then the creator gets 50% of its income, like you can earn 25000 rupees from one news. You can also understand the rest by looking at the given image.

If you want to explain to your group member about the plan of Tunin App through PDF, then you can download it from the link given below.

How to Join Tunin App? How To Create Account In Tunin App

How to join Tunin App?

Follow the given process to join Tunin App.

1. Search Tunin me in Play Store.

2. Install and open it.

3. Click on Signup.

4. Enter your Name, User ID, Phone No and Email ID.

5. Enter Referral User ID. 

If you download this app from the link given below then you will not need Referral ID.

6. Enter the 8 digit password twice.

7. Confirm by entering the Email Verification code.

8. Create a 4 digit PIN. 

After this your account has been successfully created in this App and you have joined Tunin App. 

The image below has also been given for you to understand, even after seeing it you can understand how to create an account in Tunin App.

What is the Vision or Mission of Tunin App? Let it go

Tunin app vision and mission

The Tunin Android App aims to develop the relationships and social activities you enjoy best.

With Tunin App , you can create a Friends Circle ie group, with whom you can talk. You need people in your life who interact beyond small talk, like to chat, exchange ideas, concerns, and who also help or encourage you to do so. 

The size of your social group is so large that mutual caring makes your life so much more enjoyable. Tunein creates a platform for you to become important to your friends and they become important to you.

Provides opportunities to share your views and stay connected with the youth. Tunin never wants you to feel lonely, it just might make you a new friend with someone. The Tunein app aims to eliminate your barriers by connecting you with as much community as possible and interacting with them.

What services does Tunin App provide? Let it go

Tunin App servicess

Tunein App provides a variety of services that make your life simpler, easier and more convenient. All that too at your fingertips, from your mobile.

Which services can you avail from this and save from your expenses. 

Like you can pay your utility bills, book for travel, recharge your phone / DTH, enjoy your favorite movies with ease, online shopping, all hospitalization services, online schools, home Provides all financial services, savings on transaction needs and loans. 

And also provides an opportunity to earn money by referring it with your group.

Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: Friends, I have written this blog post only on the basis of the information available on their website about Tunin App and the PDF file distributed by them, we do not give proof of its veracity. Use it on your own responsibility. We do not take any responsibility for any kind of loss in this. I have published this only for the purpose of giving information. 

Well there should be no harm in using it. The way you use other social platforms, you can use it as well. However, I have also created my account by signing up in it. If you want to join my group then you can join it from the link given below.