How to use photodirector android application

photo director

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what is photo director android app |how to download photo director android app | how to use photo director android app

what is photo director android app:- photo director android app is a photo editor android app in which we can edit photos, create stories and we can change the sky of photo, and in this we can also remove any object of photo. Can sharpen the face i.e. increase or decrease the body tone.

To edit photo in photo director android app, we have to select photo from gallary or we can also edit photo by clicking direct photo. And we can also make a collage of photos in it. In the photo director android app, many types of tools are given to edit photos. By using the lools we can edit the photo as per our wish.

Download Photodirector android app:-  Install Photodirector android app by going to playstore or click on the link given below-


When a company like CyberLink goes to you Multimedia software. So surely there will be something special in this android app.

Due to which it will be perfect in doing Pic / Photo Editing. We have used this android app. Which is the Best Apps. And photo editing is also the best application.

Photo director is a Multi Purpose android app, in which many features are also available.

Whose interface looks something like this-

  • Now we get the home page of photodirector app in which –
  • In feature tryout there are already edited photos in which we can see how to edit photos.
  • And now options are given below, in which there is edit, camera, collage option.
  • In which we can edit by taking any image from the gallery by editing and apply effect.
  • Through Camera option, we can edit photo by clicking direct photo.
  • And through the collage option, we can create a collage of photos.

Tools:- By clicking on tools, we get many options-

  • Crop & Rotate – Through this option, you can crop and rotate the image.
  • Fisheye – By selecting the eye through this option, the eye can be made a fisheye.
  • Prespective – Through this option, the image can be zoomed vertically and horizontally zoom in and zoom out.
  • Removel- Through this option, we can select any part of the image and remove it.
  • Clone- Through this option, we can select any part of the image and move it and place it anywhere.
  • Move- Through this option, you can select any part of the image and move it and place it anywhere.

Adjust – By clicking on it, we can adjust the image. In this we-

  • Through the exposure, the brightness in the image can be increased or decreased.
  • Contrast can be set in the image.
  • Can highlight in the image.
  • The shadow in the image can be light and dark.
  • Through Saturation, the color of the image can be made dark and black and white.

Through SKy -sky option, we can change the sky above the image. Like- day, night, clouds, etc.

Animation- Through this option, animation can be set in the image, in this we can set – motion, anchor, animation and freeze animation by freeze, delete animation by delete option and speed option. You can increase or decrease the speed of animation by.

Portrait tools- By clicking on this option, we get many options –

  • In this, face can be edited through face smoothener.
  • With the help of skin smotherer, the skin of the image can be blurred.
  • Face shaper can increase or decrease the shape of the face.
  • By Red-Eye removal, the red dot in the eye of the image is removed.

Text tool- Through text tool we can write text in the image. And text bubble can also be used, in this we can also use font, background color, text color, shadow of the text.

Pen tool- Through this option, we can write text in the image through brush, that is, we can drow. It has two option brush, and magic brush

In which brush is used to drow kuch in the image and magic brush is used to magically drow.

Cutout- The use of this option can be taken to another page by selecting the image, in which we can also change the background, as background color, and image can be used.

Add Image – Through this option, we can add more photos to the image, for which we click on add image so that we can select whatever image we want to add. Which can also be edited.

Frame and scene- This option can be used in the image frame, for this, by clicking on frame and scene, we get two option frames, scene in which simple frame is used by the frame. And scene by scene means different types of frames are given.

We can use sticker in image editing through Sticker- sticker option.

This application helps you to make a perfect photo In this application you can see many features like Magic brush, Dispersion effect, Blur photo editor, Animation, Removal object, Instafil which you can use to create a cool photo for your Instagram. Can make a photo.

  • Magic brush.
  • Dispersion in motion.
  • 100 of tools.
  • Bone animation.
  • Clone & removal object.
  • Instafil.
  • Blend your photos.