Seattle Car accident Injury Law


A driver recently died in a car crash after being launched off of Ship Canal Bridge, according to prosecutors. The man was named Jordan Shelley, and he was only twenty-three years old when another driver allegedly smashed into his disabled car, sending him flying off of Ship Canal Bridge and plummeting into Lake Union. The … Read more

Late Night Sleepy driving causes Accidents frequently in Ohio 2022


According to new research by the American Automobile Association (AAA), drivers who miss two to three hours of sleep a day more than quadruple their risk of getting involved in a crash, compared to drivers who sleep for seven hours. In the AAA study, sleep-deprived drivers were found to be nearly twice as likely to … Read more

USA Insurance Coverage types in Texas for 2022 must read


Chapter 601 of the Texas Transportation Code is known as the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act, and Texas Transportation Code § 601.051 establishes a requirement of financial responsibility. Under this state law, a person cannot operate a motor vehicle in Texas unless financial responsibility is established for their vehicle through either a motor vehicle … Read more

Let’s Get Rolling on Bicycle Lanes in Boston State in 2022


Our Boston bicycle injury lawyers have spent years advocating for safer communities for bicyclists that includes traffic infrastructure incorporating protected bicycle lanes. Just as sidewalks establish a safe mode of travel for pedestrians, protected bicycle lanes – those separated from motor vehicle traffic – are the ideal for safe cycling, especially in highly-congested urban areas. … Read more

Chicago Bicyclist & Pedestrian Deaths Underscore Demand for People Safety in 2022


Bicycling on its own can be an inherently dangerous activity. However, the risk grows exponentially when a bicycle and motor vehicle traffic intersect, mostly thanks to the wide disparity of size and speed between the two vehicles. However, unlike motor vehicle crashes, which increase the more motor vehicle crashes there are, the collective number of … Read more