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The story behind Byju’s

byju’s was established in 2011 by Byju Raveendran, an electrical engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, and Divya Gokulnath, a computer science graduate from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.Byju’s is an online education company, which provides value-added content for students and educates the student at the pace and price that the student can afford.Today, Byju’s has 5 million registered students and offers a complete range of courses, from K12 to MBA.”Before we started Byju’s, I taught in some schools and worked for a few online education companies in the US. I realized that students can only be attracted to what they are learning. So, I designed the platform and the content, for what the student could afford. In September 2011, we started Byju’s.

What are the courses offered by Byju’s?

BYJU’S offers high-quality online content that helps learners learn new things, in a fun, interactive, and collaborative environment, making learning fun and easy. It offers academic courses for primary school, high school and college, and offers specific courses to solve different learning problems and enhance the skill sets of students.How many students are enrolled with BYJU’S?BYJU’S currently has 1,45,000+ learners in India and 5,20,000+ students globally. It has a large student base in India, where it has a fast-growing following. It also has a fast-growing student base in the USA, UK, and Australia.What are the latest developments Byju’s is currently involved in?BYJU’S recently rolled out a series of improvement initiatives across its entire network.

Why should I choose BYJU’S over its competitors?

Byju’s is one of the most successful startups in India’s edtech landscape. It is not only well known for its booming user base, but also for its superior quality and affordability. Its advantage over other edtech platforms is in the fact that the content that is used is already created for it by BYJU’S. On other platforms, the content are developed by the vendors, but at BYJU’S everything is a part of their system and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. The content is excellent, comprehensive and user-friendly. Students and parents are satisfied with its differentiating features.

How does the subscription work? 

Byju’s courses are premium content that are made available to students for a monthly subscription fee. Students have access to the content via a web browser. The platform offers more than 50 learning modules including Smart Class. The first lesson is free for students. Subsequent lessons are available on a subscription fee basis. The subscription fee is Rs 999 per month for students with an annual income of Rs 1 lakh.Why is the new course for business called ‘Professional diplomas in emerging IT areas’?Byju’s has created Professional diplomas that covers areas such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Cost of subscriptions

Budding entrepreneurs in India looking to learn English and other English language skills can enroll in a relatively affordable package from Byju’s, which comes in three options, covering eight days, 14 days, and three months.Below is an overview of each plan by the company.No.1 English Language Package (800 Hours): 3 months ($110)This package includes a series of short modules that focus on one of the most common languages in the world – English.The user is taught how to memorise important sentences and speak like the native speaker in an online setting, making it easier for the user to acquire spoken English.

Payment options 

Students can pay for their course through various payment options such as cash, debit/credit card, mobile banking and internet banking.The platform offers courses in various subjects including computer science, economics, English, mathematics, history, science, and social science.Features of Byju’s CoursesByju’s provides an interactive learning system. The best thing about Byju’s courses is that they are well designed to help you improve the knowledge level in the subject.Byju’s courses are designed to not just improve the learning level but also to make learning fun and interactive. You can click and drag the various slides to help you understand the subject better.Here are some features of Byju’s courses that are useful for the students.

How does BYJU’S work without WiFi? 

Byju’s is built on a technology stack called Byju’s App, which consists of a powerful learning platform and content delivery system. Students can access the Byju’s App by registering on the website, and after downloading the app, the course is seamlessly taken to them, wherever they are, anytime.How is BYJU’S content different from others?Byju’s has 8 products to offer from fiction to non-fiction, Math to Physics, from general science to engineering, from language to life sciences.What is the common thread?Each course covers 7 modules (each class), thus covering all concepts in the subject. Each class, however, covers a very unique and unique concept that is part of the core curriculum of the subject.

Can people outside India use it too? 

Yes! India’s tech giant, Google also acquired Byju’s for $400 million in 2016, making it the most expensive acquisition by a U.S. company in India and the fourth most expensive acquisition by a U.S. company in Asia Pacific, according to media reports. Byju’s was then valued at $1 billion.At the time of the acquisition, Byju’s had 15 million users and 50,000 teachers enrolled, with 125 million in-school users and about 200 million out-of-school users globally.What’s the key difference between the two apps?Byju’s Course is available for both Apple’s iPad and Apple TV, along with Android devices, in addition to mobile phones and desktops. Byju’s Class, on the other hand, is only available on mobiles.


Byju’s is an educational technology company based in Bengaluru. The company operates as an online learning platform. The core difference between an online learning platform and a non-teaching platform is that a non-teaching platform merely collects data and does the annotation of documents, while an online learning platform enhances teaching content by providing learning modules. A lesson, by nature, cannot be automated. As such, the company is completely dependent on instructors to create lessons. The company also makes use of video lectures, chat sessions, and live virtual interaction to enhance learning.The company provides learning modules through its portal. Upon logging in, students are presented with a learning dashboard, where they can choose modules.

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