What is upGrad?


What is upGrad? Online courses in Digital Marketing and Creative Communication, making it the first and only university in the country to offer a Digital Marketing specializations program.Who is the Students at upGrad?Gulpara Bali (29) Student, Design & Advertising, Mumbai.Aarav Sachdeva (18) Student, Computer Engineering, DelhiKaran Jhawar (18) Student, Computer Science, MumbaiNikhil Mehra (20) Student, … Read more

Transform Your Life with Unacademy: Learn Something New Every Day


What is Unacademy? Unacademy is a marketplace that connects students with courses and teachers. The courses are in various disciplines from computer science to animation. There are courses to improve one’s design skills, health and fitness to writing. In addition, the site has courses that are offered by experts for free.They offer courses from famous … Read more

The Complete Guide to Udemy: Everything You Need to Know


 The History of Udemy The Who: Udemy is started in 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. Bali is the CEO and COO, Biyani is the Co-founder and President of Udemy, and Caglar is the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Growth.The What: Udemy provides online education and training courses. For those who … Read more

online education vs traditional education


As we all know that traditional education plays an extremely significant role in the society. Children are raised in the traditional way with learning happening in the traditional way, but interestingly, some children can’t follow it. It is quite true that different age kids learn differently. So, it is most likely, that children who start … Read more

Roadmap for Future of Online Education


I’ve recently been thinking about online education a lot as I’ve heard about its negative influences on college performance. Many teens have difficulty adapting to online learning, viewing it as a setback from traditional schooling. What is your current perspective? What do you mean by “on-line education”? Yes, educational experience is multifaceted, and there is … Read more

Online Education Companies


The rise of technology is no exception. Technology can be said to revolutionize the way that we view education. Information and education have never been accessible to more people than they are today. Even more than there is already a world population that has limited access to education, technology has made it a completely accessible … Read more

Online‌ ‌Education‌ ‌Benefits‌ ‌post pandemic


Online Education Benefits Introduction Online education was initially as a casual education option until the late 1960s, thanks to the opening of universities. The most effective method of achieving this, at least in the western world, is through the Internet. The main idea of an online university is to create and maintain online courses to … Read more

Future of online education in 2022


Keep in mind that even something small on a large scale, such as a learner’s learning style, can have a massive impact on how they view online education. One of the main benefits of online learning is that students do not physically attend classes — instead of being in class every day — online offers … Read more

BYJU’S‌ ‌Classes:‌ ‌The‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Popular‌ ‌Online‌ ‌Learning‌ ‌Platform‌ ‌in‌ ‌India‌ ‌


The story behind Byju’s byju’s was established in 2011 by Byju Raveendran, an electrical engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, and Divya Gokulnath, a computer science graduate from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.Byju’s is an online education company, which provides value-added content for students and educates the student at the pace and price that the … Read more

Benefits and Disadvantages of online classes and e-learning


Web based learning/Digital adapting otherwise called Distance Education is a sort of instruction or learning process where an individual learns using innovation. Dissimilar to conventional instruction where the student and the instructor must be in a similar room truly, in internet discovering that need not be the situation.  e-learning is training through virtual mode where … Read more