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Who does not like to watch news nowadays, everyone likes to stay updated with the latest current affairs. In such a situation, we get to see all kinds of news channels in the live TV installed in our homes. But then we cannot keep the TV with us. Whereas by downloading ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP, you can watch Live TV, latest news, breaking news etc. anywhere and anytime, that too in your Marathi language.

ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP Download

Let us provide you the app by giving some information about ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP today. Next we will know how to use the ABP Fun app and in which languages ​​you will be able to watch which live TV channels. By the way, let me tell you that ABP Majha Live and ABP Maza are completely different from each other, which we have told with full details below.

ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP

There is an android app called Marathi News Live TV – ABP Maza on play store which is launched by riyasysapp app developer. With the help of this app, we can watch any live TV in our Marathi language. ABP Maza APP keeps us updated with news like Live TV, Latest news, breaking news, current affairs, cricket, sports etc. One of its special features is that along with India, news of the world is also available in just one single app.

It often happens to us that if we watch news from Dish TV installed in our homes, then it is fine. But at the same time, if we live outside the house, then we want to watch live news TV from our mobile. For this, we can read and watch news by visiting different news websites and channels. Whereas the advantage of downloading ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP is that we do not need to go anywhere else. We are able to watch all Marathi news channels live with the help of a single application.

Along with Marathi news, we can also watch live English news channels in ABP Maza APP. Which makes this app needy, if we want, we can also download it from play store and watch English live news. One thing that I really liked is Marathi Radio. Yes friend, let us see some more great features of this app –

Main Features Of ABP Maza News APP

1. Marathi News Live TV : It must have been known from the name of this app that in the ABP Fun app, news live TV will be available in Marathi language.

2. National News: You can see the news of almost all the cities of India such as Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Technology etc.

3. Marathi Radio: If a person likes to listen to radio, then that facility is also given in ABP Maza app.

4. Paper News: There are many people who like to read paper, in such a situation, with the help of this app, we can read all the papers for free.

5. English News TV Live : As we told you above, along with Marathi, English News Live TV is also available in this application.

ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP Download

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Additional Information :-

APP NameMarathi News Live TV – ABP Maza
CategoryNews & Magazine
Package Namecom.rajmorfsys.marathi_news_live_tv.marathi_news.marathi_news_channel
Operating SystemAndroid
Latest Version0.2.1
Last updated12-Jun-2022

ABP Majha Live vs ABP Maza News APP

abp majha live is a particular TV channel which is managed by abp company whereas ABP maza is a news app in which many live news tv is shown in one place. If you only want to watch Majha Live, then you can enjoy Marathi news of your choice by visiting ABP’s website.

So friend, I hope you have liked this information about ABP Maza Live Marathi News APP. If you think this article should be improved or if there is any doubt, then tell us in the comment so that we can help ourselves and you.